Custom-tailored academic advising as unique as you are.

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The college counseling process starts with an initial one-hour meeting, with the student and parents. Academic advising depends on the needs of the family and the student’s year in high school. Our comprehensive program covers the entire college selection and admission process, and is geared to students at all stages of schooling.

Early High School Package

Freshmen & Sophomores

  • “Do What You Are” personality assessment
  • Review of student and parent questionnaires & transcript
  • Exploring and planning for PSAT, SAT, ACT, SAT Subject Tests, & AP exams
  • Strategically planning high school coursework, ensuring a balance of challenging courses
  • Developing strong study skills for academic success
  • Choosing and continuing with appropriate extracurricular activities
  • Building relationships with teacher and counselor
  • Considering summer enrichments workshops, classes, volunteering, & part-time jobs
  • Beginning college exploration based on needs, interests, & future aspirations
  • Research tips for further college exploration

  • The Junior Package

    High School Juniors

  • Selecting coursework for a rigorous, & feasible schedule
  • Preparing for and taking the SAT, ACT, & SAT Subject Tests
  • Choosing & continuing with appropriate extracurricular activities
  • “Do What You Are” personality assessment
  • Financial Aid: How to determine if a family will qualify & what is needed to apply
  • Preparing for college visits
  • Developing a list of possible colleges, noting application requirements & deadlines
  • Approaching teachers & counselors for letters of recommendation
  • Choosing the most appropriate prompt for the application essay and writing one draft
  • Considering summer plans: internships, part-time jobs, & pre-college programs

  • The Senior Package

    High School Seniors

  • Review of student and parent questionnaires & transcript
  • Narrowing your college list to your final choices, with a combination of safety, target and reach schools
  • Confirming all application deadlines & application components for your final choices
  • Approaching teachers, mentors, & counselors for letters of recommendation
  • Polishing your personal essay & supplemental essay questions
  • Completing and submitting your college applications
  • Financial Aid: How to determine if a family will qualify & what is needed to apply
  • Considering Early Application, Early Decision or other options
  • Interview tips and practice, if desired
  • Making the final decision
  • Preparing for the transition between high school & college in order to make the most out of college

  • The Transfer Package

    College Transfer Students

  • Student questionnaire and assessment of needs & interests
  • One-on-one interviews to discuss student goals, major, & career path
  • Review of student records: transcripts, test scores, & academic credits
  • Review of transfer requirements
  • Completing and submitting applications, including essay portions
  • Considering Early Application, Early Decision or other options
  • Interview tips and practice, if desired
  • Financial Aid: How to determine if a family will qualify & what is needed to apply
  • Development of appropriate timelines to meet goals
  • Making the final transfer decision

  • The Athlete Package

    College or High School Athletes

  • Study skills and time-management strategies for the scholar-athlete
  • Guidance on NCAA qualifications: GPA and SAT or ACT tests & the sliding scale
  • SAT, ACT test taking tips and timeline
  • Guidance with how to make yourself known to coaches with maturity and professionalism
  • Planning for clinics, camps, and clubs
  • Building relationships with teachers, coaches, mentors, & counselors
  • Exploring athletic divisions based on your goals – NAIA, NCAA Div. I, II, or III
  • Narrowing down a college list based upon “best fit” for you as both student and athlete

  • Additional Services

    Tutoring & Study Skills

    AP English Tutoring

    Learn strategic approaches, test taking skills, and test preparation by knowing your strengths and focusing on weak areas with guided practice using a variety of prompts.

    Study Skills

    Improve your time management, test taking skills, study & classroom habits, and standardized testing. Prepare for what college expects. Become your best possible self.

    Essay Writing

    Determine and craft your personal story and message. Learn the ins and outs of college admissions essays, and take your essay from concept to completion.


    “Maria Fuhrmann is an exceptional educator; a profound listener who hears her clients, then puts ideas into lives for practical change and growth. She gently uses her knowledge, life experience, and sensitive instincts to serve the learning needs of others--young people and adults.”
    Ken Peterson, PhD. Professor Emeritus - 2010 George C. Hoffmann Award for Faculty Excellence, Portland State University
    “Maria blends great listening skills with her knowledge of schools to find great matches. She clearly is passionate about finding the best fit within realistic possibilities.”
    Dede S. - Parent
    “Maria found great schools I would not have considered or discovered on my own.”
    Zach G. - High School Junior
    "Maria has helped me in so many ways. Whether it’s from suggesting great books to read, to giving me suggestions on colleges I didn’t even know existed. She is a very easy person to talk to, which is great! Maria is always going out of her way to help others. What amazes me most is how patient she is."
    Beth - Student
    "Maria is approachable, personable and tuned-in to my daughter’s unique goals. She offers personalized guidance instead of cookie-cutter objectives."
    Stacy - Parent
    "Maria's knowledge of the college application process was impressive. She helped my nephew a great deal with her expertise, and she was very thorough and organized."
    Victoria - Aunt