Campus Tour of University of San Francisco

It was a foggy morning when I made my visit to the University of San Francisco – even though it was in mid-July. Located near the Haight-Ashbury district right smack in the middle of San Francisco, USF’s location couldn’t be better. After walking up the enormous stairs that separate the main campus from the secondary campus, I was awake. The tour featured a presentation from a chief Admissions Officer, and he disseminated a lot of information. Some quick facts: USF is a Jesuit university with 6,474 undergrads. The most popular majors include nursing, psychology, finance, business, communication, and biology. The acceptance rate is pretty lenient, with 60% of applicants getting in. That is, unless you apply for the Nursing Program – then, the rate of acceptance plummets to around 30%. Housing is guaranteed only for freshmen, and half of the sophomores who requested dorms landed them. However, USF’s Housing Department apparently takes care of helping students find apartments in the area.

Location, location, location. One of USF’s advertising banners, placed cleverly near the iconic staircase touts, “Our after-school program is Silicon Valley.” For those interested in tech, it’s a dream. For those in other majors, it’s also a dream. Students recently interned with Google, TESLA Motors, Dolby Laboratories, Oracle, Smithsonian Museum, Kaiser Permanente, and more. The Admissions Officer claimed that each student is pushed to have not one, but three internships. Apparently, many Bay Area companies contact USF directly, so students don’t have to necessarily seek out internships. The companies are calling the school directly. Finally, if pragmatism is your thing, then you will probably appreciate the fact that USF’s Career Center is amazing. They line students up with internships and jobs, and students can utilize the Career Center for up to five years after graduating! It seems that one of the goals of the university is to guide students towards a career path – which is why students are assigned two Advisors. In fact, if a student fails to meet with the Advisor, a hold is placed on their account. Sounds like they are serious about getting people out the door in four years and into fulfilling careers!

One feature of the tour was taking a peek at a dorm room. Students can opt for singles, doubles, or triples. We saw a triple, and the room seemed sizeable enough. The tour guide warned our group that other neighboring universities might not show anyone their dorms – which should raise a red flag that they may be tiny. Speaking of dorms, some have the view of the Golden Gate Bridge. Talk about a multimillion dollar dorm view!

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