Affirmative Action at Ivy League Colleges

The article from The New York Times, “Affirmative Action Has a New Focus – Asian Americans,” certainly brings up some interesting issues. The article can be found here, in case you didn’t catch it:

Essentially, Asian Americans – even those with the highest of grades and test scores – are facing denial from the most prestigious colleges. Whether it be Yale, Princeton, U Penn, Brown, Cornell, Columbia, Cornell, Stanford, or Duke, Asian Americans are facing tougher admissions standards than their peers from other ethnic groups. While we can applaud such schools for seeking more diversity on their campuses, it comes at a high price. According to the New York Times, a Princeton study revealed that Asian Americans have to score “130 points higher on the SAT than whites to have the same chance at admission to private colleges, a difference some have called ‘the Asian tax’ (Hartocollis and Saul). Is this fair? Universities should adopt policies that support more diversity on college campuses, but it should not come in the form of discrimination against Asian American students. The case will likely be heard by the Supreme Court at some point. It remains to be seen if their position differs from their findings with the University of Texas last year.

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