When Choosing a College Major, Consider the Arts

Timothy Aubrey’s article from The New York Times, “Don’t Panic, Liberal Arts Majors. The Tech World Wants You,” may be heartening to those heading off to college, and to their parents. The article was prompted by two books:  Anders’ You Can Do Anything and Stross’ A Practical Education.  Worried parents may make threats: “If you major in Art, Theatre, or anything similar to it, I’m not paying for your education.”  Aubrey’s article may give them a new perspective. A liberal arts degree may come in handy, according to Anders and Stross, in fields such as human resources, project management, fund-raising, design, market research, branding, and more.  Why, you might ask, would a Liberal Arts degree be beneficial? “one must be able to communicate effectively, read subtle social and emotional cues, make persuasive arguments, adapt quickly to fluid environments, [and] interpret new forms of information.” In short, when college is on the horizon and students begin thinking about the best career pathway for them, they should look beyond what may seem pragmatic. Being able to reason, write clearly, and discuss great literature is prized.

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